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Description:   Unmaintained Free Software is a wiki of unmaintained/orphaned/abandoned Free Software projects which are in need of a new maintainer.Note: This software package is very old, obsolete and EXTREMELY INSECURE! Don't use it!

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KilnVisor Pottery Assistant Free software application for kiln firing schedules, logs, glaze/clay recipes, cost analysis, production managment, unitary glaze/clay chemical analysis and other tasks useful to the production or hobby potter.

Lassi - Lighting Assistant Lassi is free software for theatre lighting control through a DMX Lanbox (www.lanbox.com). Set intensity levels, create cues, patch dimmers, work with submasters, visualize commands exchanged with Lanbox, etc. Allows control through your webbrowser.

LembraRecado This is a free software wrote in Java for remember mensages, this software works in two parts, the server and the cliente, the server keep the messages and in the right time send to the correct client, and the cliente show the message to user.

Open Linux TSPL Open Linux TSPL is a multiplatform (cross-platform) free software suite for software and web development. Open Linux TSPL helps developers create applications for Win32, Linux, Unix and Mac using one codebase. [Will be released: September, 2008]

PakType - Pakistani Typography A group of volunteer designers and font developers for making Unicode based open source OpenType fonts supporting Arabic Script under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the license.Fonts available here support following languages: ...

PhpTax - Free Income Tax Software. PhpTax is free software to do your U.S. income taxes. Tested under Unix environment. The program generates .pdfs that can be printed and sent to the IRS. See homepage for details and screenshot.

Progetto e3g "Progetto e3g" is a project aimed to the development of free software for Non Profit organizations. The acronym e3g stands for EquoGest+GestiGas (EGGG): Equogest is a managerial software for Fair Trade Shops, Gestigas is Solidal Buying Groups software.

Shakya Framework/IDE Shakya is a Free Software (GPL) framework for easy and quickly building powerfull applications with Python and PyGTK. Besides, there is also an IDE, made with this same framework, thus users can graphically desing Shakya/PyGTK applications.

AbsoluteX AbsoluteX is an open source free class library primarily developed for use with X Window System.AbsoluteX uses object-oriented design and free software LGPL licensing.It gives you the ability to develop open software, free software, or even commer

phpBikeLog phpBikeLog is an open-source, free-software project intended to help individuals, cycling clubs and cycling teams to track and report on their cycling activities. It is based on PHP/MySQL, and released under the GPL.

UnixShell-bg This is a shell that I wrote as a school project for subject Advance Operating Systems. Brno University of Technologies.

UnoX1 - CRM for Public Administrations. The UnoX1 project is a Citizenship Relationship Management. The project aims to provide a flexible web-based platform for Public Administrations to provide information to its citizens.

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